Standard Book Sizes: Mass-Market Paperbacks

One of the book terms that you may have heard of if you are interested in or have studied the publishing industry is the mass-market paperback. Most people are familiar with paperbacks, having read plenty of them, but there are two different types of paperbacks out there. The first is the trade paperback. Trade paperbacks […]

The Benefits of Short Stories versus Novels

If you are a writer who believes that it is only novels that are worth writing then you might be surprised at just how beneficial short stories can be. Many people believe that short stories are a transition period to writing novels. They believe that once they have learned how to write a novel than […]

How to Market Your Ghostwritten Book

If you have hired someone to go through your book for you, then you might be wondering how you are going to market it now. This is a common problem in the indie publishing business. Once you have a bright and shiny book in front you with a cover that you have paid dearly for […]